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Dooming the world Since 1984

3 June 1984
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I am writing this as a sort of personal journal/public blog (knowing full well that no one I know will read it, and even if they do, the wouldn't know it was me, unless they were some sort of MacGyver type sluth...) Sometimes I need to just vent my frustrations, as we all do sometimes. I don't profess to being some crazy awesome writer, infact I suck, Hard core. straight up I can't spell, which I am sure you'll figure that out quickly, and I have an unnatural phobia of spell check... I'd like to be a writer or sorts, but I was out sick that day the schools taught us Grammer and punctuation. (although I did get the memo on when to use Your vs You're) Instead I read the works and words of others with a green eye of envy, and sit silently completly taken by the words infront of me!

I'm A single Mom to a kick ass child, who already is starting to be the complete opposite of me, which I am beginning to think is a good thing... she Loves pretty princess things while I love awesome geeky things, I can totally see the sitcom material forming already! She is a handful, but I wouldn't change a damn thing about her!

Basically I plan on using Live Journal to vent/share/bother people with my ideas, and cute/annoying stuff the kid/toddler does!

mainly because I can.