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24 September 2012 @ 11:59 pm
The Kidlet has started school.

At first I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but now, as we are in the 3rd week, I can say I like it.

I like taking her to school in the morning, it's quiet time with Just the two of us. We go early, sometimes I'll buy her a treat at the coffee shop. We are the first ones at the school, and it's peaceful. We play, she shows me different things, tells me all about the different things she's learned so far. I get more information out of her in the quiet mornings together than you could get out of her any other time. I thought I was going to be sad when she started school, but I find I am just happy I don't have to share this time with anyone else. (read: my parents) When the other kids come she still stays with me, and then when the supervisors come out, I kiss her goodbye and walk away knowing she's going to have a good time. It's calming.

The other mothers aren't sure of me, but I've made a few friends so far with the other single parents. I've noticed something though. All of the helicopter stay at home mothers have the same damned hair cut. It is like hybrid of that Kate + 8 lady and something else... It is unnerving, like if I was cornered by a group of them in a dark ally way, I feel my shit would get sufficiently fucked up.

The Helicopter moms can't believe I don't baby the Kidlet when she falls. Like I'm sorry, I didn't want a whiney little bitch for a kid. I taught her to cry when she's hurt, or cry when she is sad. None of this "Oh Mum is watching, I better cry to gain sympathy" Fuck that noise. If you're not bleeding, I don't want to hear it. A few weeks ago she full out wiped out on the pavement. Like was running full tilt, tripped and landed hands and bare knees on the road. What does my badass do? Gets her ass back up and keeps running while yelling "I'm ok Mummy!" Kid had blood running down her knees, she was a mess. When I asked her if it hurt, she said "a little, but you can put a Dora bandaid on it later"

My Kid will kick your kids ass.
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25 July 2012 @ 10:42 pm
A multi-level rant... where to begin?

work has been interesting lately. my manager with whom i adore is in constant limbo with her cancer. currently they're taking the every two weeks come in and we'll check you out before proceeding with treatment. each time they tell her she's okay for now and send her on her way. I don't like the constant back and forth for her as she KNOW's she'll need treatment again, but its the When that is a pain.

Work related we hired two new girls. New New Girl (as I have taken to calling) makes me want to punch, in the direction of her face. she's quick to snap at you if you're trying to help. her "jokes" are not funny, and they come across as rude. Normally you'd say well then why don't they shitcan her. well sadly she is AMAZING at her job. it's purely a personality clash. my Manager knows I dislike her, but because of the situation SHE's in this new new beast is the best option we've got. fuck.

And lastly-ish. boyfriend and I broke up. well I broke up with him. it wasn't a good fit which sucks but whatever. I hope to remain friends with him, truthfully. I wasn't upset with the break up, in fact it gave me great relief and I feel happier now than I have in a while. BUT afterwards I swore off any sort of relationship/fling/inkling of romance. And then tonight happened.

My OLD boss. The one I was madly in love with back in the day? the one who I had a brief fling with. The one who could effectively control me by simply smiling. The one who, in one of my smarter moments in life, I decided I should stay away from for my own sanity, messaged me out of the blue today. haven't spoken to him in forever. haven't THOUGHT about him in forever. it's funny what a 10 minute conversation can do to bring back EVERY FUCKING FEELING IN THE WORLD YOU EVER FELT ABOUT HIM. I hated feeling that lovesick. I HATED being practically his slave (not in a bad make me a sandwich sort of way, but in a sure, I'd do anything for you way) then at the end not getting rewarded with the relationship I wanted. So now I'm sitting here like a fucking fool, lovesick all over again. lovesick over something that was doomed to begin with. fuck this noise.

and the worst part is, if he asks to hang out, I totally will.
the fucking cycle will start all over again.
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10 April 2012 @ 03:03 am
Well, its not every day you get asked to be the godmother to someone's future kids!

I think i've just had the weirdest facebook conversation ever with a male friend from my childhood.

Le Facebook Friend
Just had the worst nightmare imaginable, and now I cannot sleep. :(
Like · · 45 minutes ago ·
Le Me Well that is pure suck!
44 minutes ago · Like
Le Facebook Friend It sure is! That is why I am watching a movie now. :)
41 minutes ago · Like
Le Me haha nice! hopefully a good one at least!
40 minutes ago · Like
Le Facebook Friend The Boondock Saints 2. lol!!!
35 minutes ago · Like
Le Me Ahahah awesome!
35 minutes ago · Like
Le Facebook Friend Of course! There is something else I wanted to ask you.
13 minutes ago · Like
Le Me Yesssssssssssss? LoL
10 minutes ago · Like
Le Facebook Friend I was wondering if you could be the godmother of my children?
7 minutes ago · Like
Le Me Oh, Of course I can Le Facebook Friend!

then on facebook chat I asked him if he and his fiance were expecting, and he said no, but he just wanted to ask before they had any. to which i responded with, so long as she's cool with it, I'm cool with it.

it's kind of cool, i've never been asked to be godmother before, even if it is for future hypothetical children!
08 April 2012 @ 08:13 pm
I'm not 100% but I am pretty sure I'm about to snap on everyone here.

I get absolutely no privacy, or time to myself. Whether it is a small child (whom I love more than life), parents who just NEVER GO AWAY, Or a needy whiny boyfriend, I get no time to myself.

today Easter, I get up with The kid to help with the Easter hunt, and instead of having this nice time with her, I have to share it with other people who are just standing around watching. I want quiet time with my daughter. I want the time to chill with her, and have actually listen to me, rather than run to 'grandma or grandpa' to confirm that it's ok. Do you know how fucked up that is? to have your own kid second guess you, because you have to check with her grandparents? Do you know how fucked up it is trying to discipline your kid only to have everything you worked hard to get completely washed away because grandpa said "it's okay, you don't have to listen to her" He doesn't even know how much it is fucking me up right now. if I say something to him he plays it off like a joke. My mum just sighs and says 'just ignore him'

Why can't I sit quietly in a room with Her playing nicely. why do they have to come in? they didn't come in to do anything. literally came into the room, stirred the kid up then left. talking to me as well about NOTHING while I am trying to read a book. Why can't I make myself a snack in the kitchen alone? is it absolutely necessary to come in and ask what i'm making, how i'm making it, why im making it.

Also, is me having my own goddamn space, not possible? do I go in to your bedroom? No I can assure you I do not.

Why can't I have a Boyfriend who doesn't get needy and emotional, who resorts to emotional black mail and passive aggressive behaviours?

Rant over.
Is it may Yet?
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12 March 2012 @ 11:41 pm
What is the strangest thing someone has confessed to you?

Strangest thing someone has ever confessed to me was that they had an alternate personality... a personality. this person THEN decided to use that moment to start telling themselves to shut up and started smacking their head.

they were serious.
Still are, to this day.
Although funny enough, they don't bring up their 'other' personality unless the focus isn't on them, so yea. I do not believe them at all. I just think they're insane.
22 February 2012 @ 03:42 am
I have recently come to realize a few things, things I didn't bother to focus on until now.

1. I fucking hate cleaning my room.
2. Holy fuck there are a lot of cobwebs In here (literal ones non of this metaphoric shit)
4. I'm sleeping in the living room.
22 February 2012 @ 02:12 am
Tell us your weirdest dream.

I have had a series of weird ass dreams. The one that sticks to my mind was a sort of post apocalyptic world, a cross between Zion from The matrix and Dune. Inside a weird mine like structure Support beams everywhere, little to no light, lots of dirt, it was night time I think, everyone was sleeping. People scattered everywhere, still alive.

Me and mystery person frantically running, trying to hide. Each time we get close to a spot, mystery person gets taken away, only to break free and we run again.

Damn dream haunted me for weeks!
22 February 2012 @ 02:06 am
Who is the best James Bond?


Who asks these questions? As if there is even a doubt as to the greatest.
Sean tothemotherfuxking Connery.
09 January 2012 @ 11:01 pm
What is your earliest memory?

I have several early memories...
Having chicken pox (I was 2)
Going to expo 86 (I was 2)
Getting christened (it was almost 2)
Watching my balloon float away (2ish)

I don't know which one came chronologically.
19 December 2011 @ 09:58 pm
Have you ever met anyone famous?

I've met a few people.

Mark Harmon, Carrie fisher, Penn and teller, I literally bumped into Lou ferigno(sp?) a few local Canadian celebrities. some guy who use to be on Stargate Atlantis, he was the doctor. I didn't know who he was but my friend did lol.